north miami taxi driver shot

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Police are investigating after a cab driver was shot during an attempted robbery and his taxi crashed into his neighbor’s home in North Miami early Tuesday.

The incident happened in the area of 145th Street and Northeast 7th Court as the driver was heading home, North Miami Police said.

Police say the driver was shot in the arm and lost control of his car, crashing it into the home and causing minimal damage. No one inside was injured.

The driver was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, police said. Family members later identified him as 68-year-old Rabel Jean.

Jean’s daughter, Mirabelle Jean, said she heard some of the incident unfold outside the family’s home.

“I had run to the car to see if my dad was in there, he wasn’t in there so I started screaming for him and then I heard him screaming for me,” she said. “When I found him he was on the side of the neighbor’s yard, he had a big gash on his head and his arm was limp and bleeding.”

She said her father tried to drive away when he was shot.

“When I went to the back yard to get him, he just told me he that was shot, they was trying to rob him in front of the house but he tried to take off so they wouldn’t come into the house,” Jean said.

The suspect or suspects fled the scene and police are still investigating the incident.


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