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Air travel, it is well documented, has been difficult during this holiday season.

Just not for everybody.

During the Doral Publix Junior Classic this week on Doral’s famed Blue Monster course, startled players and spectators gaped and then started pointing out toward the course as a helicopter landed on the ninth fairway.

Once people got a glimpse of the helicopter, they quickly became aware what was happening.

The Donald had landed.

Donald Trump, who recently purchased the Doral Golf Resort & Spa, was visiting one of his acquisitons, which included the golf courses on the property. So, if he wants to make the course his own private landing strip, he certainly can.

It should be noted that the players in the tournament had long played past the ninth hole and the area was completely clear when the chopper landed. People watching the ongoings realized quickly who was arriving. It was difficult not to, as the helicopter had TRUMP in huge letters painted on its side.

Since Trump’s purchase of the property, the official name of the golf courses and spa is no longer Doral Golf Resort & Spa. It is now Trump National Doral.

In the future, Trump, who now owns 13 golf courses, plans to revamp the courses at Doral, including toughening up the Blue Monster (once feared but in recent years playing much tamer). In recent years and into the foreseeable future, Doral has been the host to a World Golf Championship event in March, one of golf’s top tournaments behind the four majors.

Trump bought the Doral Golf Resort & Spa (buildings, land, four golf courses, etc.) for approximately $150 million and is expected to sink $200 million into revamping the courses and property.

• The Doral Junior Classic, run by Charlie DeLucca, is the biggest of all the amateur tournaments that dominate the South Florida golf scene during the holiday season. The tournament, which has more than 700 entrants, is dedicated to emphasizing academics and ethical values in addition to golf shots being hit by some of the best juniors in the world.

Here are the younger and smaller players who won their divisions during the tournament: Boys —Adrien Pendaries, France (12-13); Rasmus Bofill, Denmark (10-11); Nicklas Staub, Boynton Beach (8-9); Alejandro Fierro, France (7-under). Girls — Sara Garcia Real, Spain (12-13); Brittany Shin, Boynton Beach (10-11); Elle Nachmann, Boca Raton (8-9); Chloe Kovelesky, Boca Raton (7-under).


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